Earthtime’s UP Project now has its own independent website which is updated regularly at

The part of the Earthtime website about the Up Project which you are at now still has useful information on but has not been updated since May 2018

Up-Cycled Crafts for Kids

Why buy new when you can make lovely crafts and gifts from would-be-waste?

We love making little up-cycled crafts and many of them are so easy and make use of everyday household items that you may no longer be able to use – so turn them into something new with your child (or just yourself, we always enjoy it!).  It saves waste and is a great excuse to get creative!


If you have any tried and tested children’s crafts, let us know! Email us at, or post on our facebook:


Sock Pumpkins and Cats

Got an old sock and an old pillow?  Make a little sock pumpkin or cat…or any creature that takes your fancy!

Take at look at these instructions below or make your own variation.