Up-Cycled Crafts for Kids

Why buy new when you can make lovely crafts and gifts from would-be-waste?

We love making little up-cycled crafts and many of them are so easy and make use of everyday household items that you may no longer be able to use – so turn them into something new with your child (or just yourself, we always enjoy it!).  It saves waste and is a great excuse to get creative!


If you have any tried and tested children’s crafts, let us know! Email us at enquiries@earthtime.co.uk, or post on our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loveearthtime


Sock Pumpkins and Cats

Got an old sock and an old pillow?  Make a little sock pumpkin or cat…or any creature that takes your fancy!

Take at look at these instructions below or make your own variation.

Pumpkins:     http://mominmusiccity.com/diy-sock-pumpkins/

Cats:                http://www.hometalk.com/4842344/halloween-decorations-craft-black-cat-sock#lb-signup