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The UP Projsunflower cropped narrowect is funded by Zero Waste Scotland as part of their Volunteer & Community Advocate Programme (VCAP).   Earthtime’s UP Project is committed to engaging with young families and communities in Morayshire and Aberdeenshire  by increasing and inspiring up-cycling and up-skilling to reduce waste in our homes and uplift our communities.  Have a look at the Zero Waste Scotland website for more information and useful links.

We’ll be holding events and workshops to achieve this and get some ideas flowing for how you can save money and help the planet so watch this space for news on what’s going on near you! Want to get involved?  See our volunteering information below.



We’re working with several projects on the way UP:

The UP Project’s Volunteers (VCAP Programme)

We’re doing lots to encourage up-cycling, up-skilling and up-lifting, and we need your help!  Contact us to get involved.

Swishing swap party in LhanbrydeAt school or college:
Looking for some volunteering experience, or a coursework project?  You could volunteer with us to gain experience in an area you’re interested in.  Do you like designing products, making clothes, gardening, cooking, or do you want to learn more about how you can reduce waste in your home, school and community?  Whatever your passion, you could get involved with Earthtime’s UP Project – great for communities, great for the Earth and great on your CV!

Parents and community members: Want to help reduce waste and uplift your community?  We’d love to have you on board!  Whether you can spare some time every week, or want to get involved when you can; you can help.  Sign up to volunteer at local events and workshops, distribute leaflets or help to educate other people and families in your community.

Become an UP Project Community Advocate and work within your community to encourage up-cycling, up-skilling and up-lifting.  You would be the contact between community members and Earthtime to communicate the needs and interests of your community and the opportunities in the local area that could help to achieve them.

Have a skill you could share with your community?  Are you a dab hand at sewing?  Great with DIY?  Have a penchant for gardening?  We want to provide up-skilling opportunities for local communities by running workshops to teach skills that could be used to up-cycle products that may otherwise have been thrown out.  So if you have a skill that could help, and you’d like to share it with others, get in touch to see how you could help others, make new friends and uplift our planet and communities.

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Love Food, Hate WasteDeb at Love Food Hate Waste Food Event

Scotland wastes a whopping £1 billion a year on avoidable food waste – that’s at least £430 per year, per household, or £550 for a family with children! Stopping this waste of good food would reduce greenhouse gas emissions equal to taking one in four cars off the road! So whether you’re motivated by the environment or saving money, there’s every reason to care about how you can reduce your food waste.

We’ll be spreading the word and distributing information and handy tips about how you can reduce your food waste and save yourself some money.  We’ll be holding cookery workshops, pop-up kitchens and and community left-over lunch events too, so look out for one near you!

Have a look at the Love Food Hate Waste website for tips and information.


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Revolve & Re-use

Up-Cycled Tyre Swing

To reduce our waste and increase re-use, we’re working with Revolve’s network of organisations that help to give products a new life and a new home, rather than being sent away to the dump! So before you throw out an old chair, or spend a fortune on a new chest of drawers, check out Revolve’s recycled items near you to save waste and save money! See here for organisations that work with Revolve near you.

                           Swishing, Up-Cycling Workshops, Skill Shares

We’ll also be holding swapping (swishing) and pass-it-on parties as well as UP-cycling workshops so that you can learn new ways to love your stuff and give old items a new lease of life!  From mending and repairing clothes, to growing and gardening, we can reclaim old materials and create something new.   If you have a skill that could be used to up-cycle old items and you’d like to share it, see our volunteer page for information about how you can help transform products and your community! Contact us for news about upcoming events and workshops.

Check out our up-coming events page for more information on what workshops and events are happening near you!


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