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The average British woman  hoards £285 of clothes they will never wear, the equivalent of 22 outfits , or a total of £30 billion of unworn clothes

Swishing, or clothes swapping, is a wonderful way to give you pre-loved but no longer worn items a new home, as well as finding something new-to-you.  At our swishes the idea is that you bring along 5-10 items of good quality clothes that have been outgrown or are no longer worn, and swap them for a similar number of garments that are new-to-you.

This diverts clothing from landfill and keeps clothing in use for much longer, which drastically reduces it’s carbon footprint. the most significant opportunity for reducing the environmental impact of clothing lies in increasing the active life of the clothes we wear.

Every year an estimated £140 million worth (around 350,000 tonnes) of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK.  There is absolutely no need for any clothing or textiles to make its way into a bin and this is both a significant environmental loss and a missed business opportunity.


We host regular swishes around Elgin to encourage people to swap clothes and items that they no longer use for ones that they do. Check the UP! events page for when and where the next one will be.

Would you like to hold a swish in your community, club, or school? 

Get in touch and become a volunteer community advocate.  We can help you organise it and provide you with leaflets and information about why it’s such a great thing to do! Email us at