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Clothes discarded in one year in the UK would fill Wembley Stadium.

95% of discarded clothing can be repaired, recycled or upcycled.

The most significant opportunity for reducing the environmental impact of clothing lies in increasing the active life of the clothes we wear. So Earthtime’s UP project runs regular sewing classes to teach basic hand sewing (including sock darning) skills, sewing machine use, to upskill people to have the confidence to carry out their own simple clothing repairs. We also run crafty upcycling workshops to turn reusable fabric into fabulous new items. 

(or swapping) clothes we, or our kids, have outgrown or no longer wear is another great way to extend the life of clothes and keep them out of landfill.

 These activities help to inspire and influence consumers to make small conscious changes to reduce the impact of clothes on the environment.

Visit the Up! events page for upcoming sewing and upcycling workshops and swishes.