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Earthtime provide a safe, secure outdoor environment where the children are free to explore, play and investigate supported by experienced and enthusiastic practitioners and qualified Level 3 Forest School Leaders.

Exploring the natural environment outdoors from our site at Duffus Estate, we aim to be outdoors 90% of the time with our indoor space allowing for shelter and warmth on days when the weather is not so kind!


Session Times

600 hours – TERM TIME ONLY

Up to 15 hours 50 minutes per week

SESSION          TIMES               SESSION LENGTH

Morning             8.30 – 11.40         3 hours 10 minutes (Monday to Friday)

Afternoon         12.20 – 15.30        3 hours 10 minutes (Monday to Thursday)

Snack fee 75p per day
Lunchtime link (if not funded) £5.00 per day
Private nursery sessions £14.00 per session per child (includes snack)
You can use your allocation of funded nursery sessions in more than one nursery. You can also complement your funded sessions with private sessions to extend your child’s day with us, having fun in the outdoors.

1140 hours – TERM TIME ONLY

Up to 30 hours per week

SESSION          TIMES                 SESSION LENGTH

Morning            8.30 – 12.00        3 hours 30 minutes (Monday to Thursday)
8.30 – 12.30 4 hours (Friday)

Afternoon         12.00 – 15.30       3 hours 30 minutes (Monday to Thursday)

All day                8.30 – 15.00        6 hours 30 minutes (Monday to Thursday)

Private nursery sessions                            £15.00 per session per child

Morning or Afternoon
Private nursery session, Friday am £17.00 per session (4 hours)
Private full day including lunch £35.00 (8.30am – 3.00pm)

Open to all:
Early drop off or late pick up by arrangement £2.50 per 30mins

You can use your allocation of funded nursery sessions in more than one nursery, as per the Government’s guidelines for promoting the availability of flexible childcare.

Earthtime’s aim is to provide a place of welcome for all families at our outdoor nursery. A safe environment where children can play and learn through an understanding and connection with nature, all the while encouraging the child’s adventurous spirit. At our nursery children will be cherished and nurtured so that they can develop the self-belief and confidence that will enable them to reach their potential in whichever direction they wish their lives to go.

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Forest School Principles

Earthtime’s outdoor nursery follows the Forest School principle. This involves the children being in an outdoor environment to develop a range of skills. Practitioners build a different relationship with the children because it’s much more child-led. When they discover something, or realise they can do something, it’s that complete WOW moment.

Cooking on a wood fire and using tools are incorporated in the sessions, giving the children confidence in their own abilities and the opportunity to develop strong cooperation skills. The Forest School ethos teaches respect for all and promotes the child’s right to play. Learning in a woodland also provides a multi-sensory environment, providing a magical experience for all.

fire lighting

Spending time in the outdoors naturally covers many targets of the Curriculum and supports child-led learning and risk taking.  The possibilities for learning and developing emotional intelligence and fun are endless.

Earthtime are dedicated to ensuring each child’s needs and interests are met and will incorporate these into their planning of fun-filled days and engaging activities. Therefore, we have built a staff team who believes in our children and ethos.

natural skelaton

A big thank you to our nursery staff team, volunteers and everyone for their support!

For more information, please get in touch! or call 01343 200 206.

We are so pleased to share some comments from the Inspectors Observations following our recent Care Inspectorate inspection at our Forest School Nursery Duffus:

  • The ethos of the Forest School incorporated the right for children to access risk in natural woodland environment.  We saw that children were able to instigate and test helping them to develop the skills to self regulate and build confidence.
  • Staff were friendly, respectful and welcoming towards the children, creating an environment where children were welcomed, happy and assured.  Staff encouraged children to solve a problem and to work things out forthemselves with a view to building confidence and self esteem.
  • The sensitive and unassuminginteractions of well meaning and motivated staff, helped to make a difference to childrens progression and development.  Staff were motivated and responded with enthusiasm to the children; they had got to know the individual needs of the children well.

Our children said:

  • “water is running down the slope and gravity keeps it there”
  • “we made a seesaw, look its a tree trunk and bark from the tree, I can balance on it and not fall over”

Our parents said:

  • “the service seems to go from strength to strength and communication keeps improving”
  • “I am really happy, staff are approachable and always have time to listen and talk”
  • “my child has developed wonderful relationships with their peers and nursery staff, they are enthusiastic and wonderful”
  • “Earthtime has been amazing opportunity for my child, I am pleased with how they are developing and the affinity to nature and the outdoors”