Below is the list of titles of books in our Eco Library, divided into relevant subject sections.

Outdoor/Environmental education, Bushcraft/survival/tracking, Self-build housing/eco-architecture, Woodworking, Self-sufficiency/Permaculture, Environmental art, Crafts, Environmental issues, Eco-engineering/alternative energy, Natural history, The natural world for kids, Field Guides.

If you see one or more titles you wish to borrow by all means phone the Earthtime office to check they are not out on loan and then come and collect them if available. The regular opening times for the Ecolibrary are every first and third Tuesday of the month from 12-2pm, but we’re happy for people to come and borrow books at other times, as long as they arrange a time so that we can be sure there is someone in the office then.

Outdoor/Environmental education

Food for Free Mabey
The Complete Book of Knots & Ropework Fry
Seaweed: A User’s Guide Morris, Surey-Gent
101 Uses for Stinging Nettles Warren
Cook Wild Year-round Cooking on an Open Fire Fischer-Rizzi
Home Grown Adventures in Parenting off the Beaten Path Hewitt
The Invention of Childhood Cunningham
50 Fantastic Ideas for Involving Parents Sargent
The Outdoor Classroom in Practice, Ages 3-7 Constable
My First Nature Activity Book
Sharing Nature with Children Cornell
Sharing Nature with Children II Cornell
Last Child in the Woods Louv
Drama Games for Classrooms and Workshops Swale
The Gruffalo: Winter Nature Trail Donaldson, Scheffler
Play the Forest School Way Woodland Games, Crafts and Skills for Adventurous Kids Houghton, Worroll
The Handbook of Knots Pawson
Knots Splices & Ropework Judkins, Perry
Seaweeds: edible, available & sustainable Mouritsen
Sharing Nature with Children Cornell
Freshwater (2 copies)
Coast and Ocean (2 copies)
Grasslands (2 copies)
Playing and Learning Outdoors White
I love my World The Playful, Hands-on, Nature Connection Guidebook Holland
Learning through Play Bruce
The Little Book of Playground Games
Fantastic Ideas for Creativity Outdoors Bryce-Clegg
I Love Dirt 52 activities to help you & your kids discover the wonders of nature Ward
The Little Book of Outside in All Weathers
The Stick Book Loads of things you can make or do with a sticks Danks, Schofield
101 Things For Kids To Do Outside Isaac
Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature Haas, McGown, Young
The Wild Weather Book Loads of things to do outdoors in rain, wind and snow Danks, Schofield
Cooking on a Stick Campfire Recipes for Kids White
Learning with Nature Mew, Richardson, Robb
Run Wild! Outdoor Games and Adventures Danks, Schofield
Make It Wild! 101 Things to Make and Do Outdoors Danks, Schofield
Go Wild! 101 Things to Do Outdoors Before You Grow Up Danks, Schofield
Winter Busch, Halsey
Nature’s Playground Danks, Schofield
The Wonder of Wood Allen, Burdis, Jerman
Play, Learn and Have Fun!
Aberdeenshire Folk Tales Banks, Blackhall
Tree Stories
Gardens Illustrated
Environmental Education Activities for Primary Schools
The Nature Connection An Outdoor Workbook for Kids, Families, and Classrooms Leslie
Nature Smart Awesome Projects to Make with Mother Nature’s Help Anderson, Diehn, Krautwurst, Rhatigan, Smith
Autumn Nature Activities for Children Kutsch, Walden
Winter Nature Activities for Children Kutsch, Walden
Earthwise Environmental Crafts and Activities with Young Children Petrash
Spring Nature Activities for Children Kutsch, Walden
Summer Nature Activities for Children Kutsch, Walden


The Complete Book of Fire Building Campfires for Warmth, Light, Cooking, and Survival Tilton
The Scout’s Outdoor Cookbook Conners
Tom Brown’s Field Guide: Nature Observation and Tracking Brown, Morgan
Tom Brown’s Field Guide: Wilderness Survival Brown, Morgan
Tom Brown’s Field Guide: Living with the Earth Brown, Morgan
Tom Brown’s Field Guide: Nature and Survival for Children Brown
Bushcraft Mears
The SAS Survival Handbook Wiseman
My Outdoor Life Mears
Collins Guide to Animal Tracks and Signs Bang, Dahlstrom
The Search: The Continuing Story of The Tracker Brown Jr.
The Natural Navigator Gooley


Making Classic English Furniture Richardson
John Sainsbury’s Router Workshop Sainsbury
The Art of the Router Spielman
Wood Bender’s Handbook Taylor
Making Drums Waring
Great Folk Instruments in Make & Play Waring
The Router Joinery Handbook Warner
Wonders in Wood Wyatt
The Encyclopedia of Wood: Revised Edition
The Complete Practical: Woodworker
Making Wooden Mechanical Models
Country Chair Making Hill
Garden Woodwork in a Weekend Blizzard
Shaker-Style Wood Projects Sonday
Making Wood Handles, Hinges & Knobs Bridgewater
Making Wood Signs Spielman


Edible Cities Anger, Fiebrig, Schnyder
How to make a Wildlife Garden Baines
How it all Vegan Barnard, Kramer
Migrating from Innovation to Entrepeneurship Boschee
The Edible Flower Garden Brown
The Transition Timeline: For a Local, Resilient Future Chamberlin
The BBKA Guide to Beekeeping Davis, Cullum-Kenyon
Build Your Own Barrel Oven Edleson, Edleson
Meat: A Benign Extravagance Fairlie
The One-Straw Revolotuin Fukuoka
Sewage Solutions: Answering the call of Nature Gant, Moodie, Weedon
Back to Basics Gehring
Gaia’s Garden Green
The Resilient Farm and Homestead Green
The Garden to Kitchen: Expert Hessayon, Wills
Desert or Paradise Holzer
Creating Harmony Jackson
Coppicing and Coppice Crafts: A Comprehensive Guide Mills, Oaks
Earth User’s Guide to Teaching Permaculture Morrow
Eat Well, Waste Less An A-Z Guide to Using up Leftovers Muir
Celebrating Birchm The Lore, Art and Craft of an Ancient Tree North House Folk School
Heating with Wood Reynolds
Beekeeping Ryde
Composting: An Easy Household Guide Scott
The New Complete Book of Self Sufficiency Seymour
The Vegetable Gardener’s Guide to Permaculture Shein, Thompson
The Little Book of Organic Farming Soil Association
The Little Book of Organic Farming Soil Association
The Little Book of Organic Farming Soil Association
The Little Book of Organic Farming Soil Association
The encyclopedia of Green Woodworking Tabor
Grow Your Own Drugs Wong
Beekeeping – A Novice’s Guide Wootton
The Secret World of Herbs: Fact File
The Secret World of Herbs: Fact File
The Secret World of Herbs: Fact File
Centre for Alternative Technology Membership
Living Woods Magazine #36
Permacultyre Magazine 43 – assorted issues

Environmental art

Land Art Tufnell
Arch Craig, Goldsworthy
Land and Environmental Art Kastner, Wallis
Land Art Lailach
Destination Art Land Art, Site-Specific Art, Sculpture Parks Dempsey
The Stick Book loads of things you can make or do with a stick Danks, Schofield
Environmental Arts Therapy and the Tree of Life Siddons Heginworth
Eco Art Earth-Friendly Art & Craft Experiences for 3-to 9-year-olds Carlson
Art From Wood With Projects Using Branches, Leaves and Seeds Chapman, Robson
The Little Book of Whittling Lubkemann


Green Crafts for Children 35 step-by-step projects using natural, recycled, and found materials Hardy
The Kite Making Handbook
The Best of Making Things A Hand Book of Creative Discovery Wiseman
Decorating Eggs Schneebeli-Morrell
The Crafty Minx Creative Recycling and Handmade Treasures Doust
Introduction to Macrame Gentry
Making Beautiful Crafts For Your Home
The Ultimate Basket Book A Cornucopia of Popular Designs to Make Siler
How to Knit Watt
Altered Couture (2 issues) The Ultimte Guide for Artwear Enthusiasts
Woman’s Weekly Home Series Craft Special
Creative Crafts for Kids Over 100 Fun Projects for Two to Ten Year Olds Hamlyn
Dig Your Hands in the Dirt! A Manual for Making Art out of Earth Denzer
GreenCraft Magazine (2 issues)
Mastering the Art of Calligraphy Mehigan
Paint Effects Masterclass The ultimate source book for creating beautiful, easy-to-achieve interiors Cohen
Crafty Containers Weave, Coil & Plait from Recycled Materials Walpole
The Simple Art of Sumi-E Mastering Japanese Ink Painting Ono
Amazing Origami Kasahara
Origami Boxes Dirk
Smart Soapmaking Watson
Hobbycraft Magazine
Haute Handbags Handmade Purses, Clutches & Altered Bags
Sewing with Leather & Suede Scrivano
Upholstery Restoration James
Flintknapping Making & Understanding Stone Tools Whittaker
Celtic Art Bain
The Art of Illusion A Trompe L’oeil Painting Course Shearer
Haiku Knits 25 Serenely Beautiful Patterns Inspired by Japanese Design Alpert
Everything Alice The Wonderland Book of Makes & Bakes Read-Baldrey & Leech
Practical Sew & Mend Essential mending know-how Gordon
Country Finishes Simple Paint Treatments for Found and Unfinished Furniture Kollath
Celtic Design: The Dragon and the Griffin The Viking Impact Meehan
The Belle & Boo Book of Craft 25 enchanting projects to make for children
Making Stuff An Alternative Craft Book
Celtic Knots for Beaded Jewellery Millodot
Fine Bookbinding A Technical Guide Lindsay
Hand Bookbinding A Manual of Instruction Watson
Creative Bookbinding Johnson
The Encyclopedia of Papermaking & Bookbinding Reimer, Reimer-Epp
ABC of Leather Bookbinding Lhotka
Fantasy Down
The Pop-Up Book Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Over 100 Original Paper Projects Jackson
EcoArt Earth-Friendly Art & Craft Experiences for 3-to 9-year-old Carlson
Home tanning and leather making guide Farnham
Deerskins into buckskin How to tan with brains, soap or eggs Richards
Fish leather tanning and sewing Rahme & Hartman
Traditional Tanning Leather and furskin Rahme & Hartman
The leatherworking handbook A practical illustrated sourcebook of techniques and projects Michael

Environmental issues

Coming Back To Life Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World Brown, Macy
Zero Waste Home Johnson
Underminers A Practical Guide for Radical Change Farnish
Becoming Animal An Earthly Cosmology Abram
Time’s Up! An Uncivilised Soution to a Global Crisis Farnish
Confessions of an Economic Hitman Perkins
Mindfulness & the Natural World Thompson
Earthlines Magazine (8 assorted issues) Deakin
Pip Pip A Sideways Look At Time Griffiths
Feral Rewilding the Land, Sea nd Human Life Monibot
How Many Lightbulbs Does It Take To Change A Planet? 95 Ways to Save Planet Earth Juniper
How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything Berners-Lee
This Changes Everything Capitalism vs. the Climate Klein
Unlearn, Rewild Olson
The Practice of the Wild Snyder
Heat How We Can Stop the Planet Burning Monibot
An Inconvenient Truth The Crisis of Global Warming Gore
Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine (2 assorted issues)
Earthlines Magazine (8 assorted issues)

Eco-engineering/alternative energy

The Charcoal Foundry Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap Gingery
The Metal Lathe Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap Gingery
The Metal Shaper Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap Gingery
The Milling Machine Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap Gingery
The Drill Press Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap Gingery
The Dividing Head & Deluxe Accessories Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap Gingery
Designing & Building The Sheet Metal Brake Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap Gingery
Ed’s Shed: The Ultimate Guide to Guitar Maintenance Mitchell
Building the Telsa Turbine Gingery
The First Home-Built Aeroplanes Ord-Hume
Stirling and Hot Air Engines Designing and Building Experimental Model Stirling Engines Darlington, Strong
Ringborn Stirling Engines Senft
Model Stationary and Marine Steam Engines Harris
Model Locomotive and Marine Boilers Evans
Steam, Its Generation and Use
Wind & Solar Electricity Reynolds
How I Built a 5 Hp Stirling Engine Lockwood
The Improved Rider and Ericsson Hot-Air Pumping Engines
Windmills and Wind Motors Powell
Three Ltd Stirling Engines You Can Build Larsen
Wind Power Workshop (2 copies) Piggott
Windmills and Waterwheels Explained Yorke
Hot Air Engines Westbury
Solar Water Heating: A DIY Guide Trimby
Off The Grid Managing independent renewable electricity systems Kerridge et al
An Introduction to Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engines Senft
Miniture Ringbom Engines Senft
Stirling News (2 issues) Occassional Journal of the Stirling Engine Society
Robert Stirling’s Models of the ‘Air Engine’ Rizzo
Building Stirling Engines without a Lathe Hoejfeldt
The Tesla Disc Turbine Cairns
Guidelines For Design, Production and Testing of Animal-Drawn Carts Dennis
A Wind Turbine Recipe Book Piggott
Build a Universal Coil Winding Machine

How to build a windpump Barr

Natural history

Seashore Safaris Oakley
Protecting Scotland’s wildlife for the future
Trees and the Scottish Enlightenment
The Great Wood of Caledon Jackman, Miles
About Rooks
About The Dipper
About The Wren
About The Badger
About Feathers (2 copies)
Atlas of Butterflies in Highland and Moray Barbour, Mainwood, Moran, Slater
The Essential Guide to Garden Birds
Marine Biology: An Ecological Approach Nybakken
Findhorn Bay Local Nature Reserve Education Pack
Wildlife Fact-File
Yew A History Hageneder
Wild Flowers of Britain Phillips
Secrets of the Seashore
British Wildlife Baker
Quarrelwood Woodland Park Education Pack
Fauna Britannica Buczacki
Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment Chadwick, Glasson, Therivel
Birdsong Elphick, Pedersen, Svensson
Bats Richardson
Birds In Your Garden Expert Advice on Attracting Birds Into Your Garden
The Secret Lives of Garden Birds Couzens
Saving Planet Earth Juniper
Along the Riverbank

The natural world for kids

Scottish Birds Book 3
Creepy Crawlies Stidworthy
Insects & Spiders Owen
Ecology Spurgeon
Animal Neighbors: Hedgehog Leach
I Wonder Why The Dodo Is Dead and other questions about extinct and endangered animals Charman
Mushrooms & Fungi Jackman
I Wonder Why Spiders Spin Webs and other questions about creepy crawlies O’Neill
Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life
Jungle Animals Ganeri
Sea Creatures Green
Polar Animals Green
Link The Wildlife Trusts’ magazine for outdoor educators
Birds Magazine
Wildlife Watch (5 assorted issues) The Wildlife Trusts’ magazine for children
Bird Life Magazine (13 assorted issues)
The Usborne Book of the Countryside (2 copies)
The Penguin in the Snow Allan
Captain Eco and the Fate of the Earth Nadler, Porritt
The Usborne NatureTrail Book of Ponds & Streams
The Usborne Book of Country & Seashore Life
Student Atlas
50 Science Things to Make and Do
Bird of the Woodlands
The Seashore and Seashore Life
Benny the Blenny’s Shallow Sea Adventure Naylor
Sea Monsters Prehistoric Predators of the Deep James, Marven
RSPB Children’s Guide to Wildlife Boyd, Chandler, Unwin
Precious Earth: Changing Climate Green
The Natural World Question and Answer Encyclopedia

Field Guides

Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe Dickson
Big Spotter’s Guide to Nature
Collins Gem Guide: Fruits, Nuts & Berries
Concise Pond Wildlife Guide
The Hamlyn Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe Bruun, Singer
The Observer’s Book of Wild Flowers
A Handbook of Scotland’s Trees Martynoga
Animals: Tracks, Trails & Signs Brown, Lawrence, Pope
Wild Flowers of the Coast
Damselflies & Dragonflies of the Cairngorms
Butterflies of the Cairngorms
Guide to recording spring and autumn events in Nature’s Calendar
Birds of Prey
Wild Flowers: Ferns and Grasses
Insects of Britain & Europe Gibbons
The Easy Way to Tree Recognition Kilbracken
Pocket Birds of Britain and Europe Elphick, Woodward
Wild Flowers of Britain & Europe (2 copies) Lippert, Podlech