Earthtime Forest School sessions provide ample opportunity for children to experience numerous curriculum areas for example activities which explore science, mathematics, health and wellbeing and expressive arts all feature regularly.  Our sessions provide a great breadth of learning and allow children to progress in their own time with support from their peers and ‘scaffolding’ from the Forest School Leader.  There is ample opportunity for personalisation and choice in every session and each participant will be challenged and enjoy our sessions!

Example activities, which are incorporated into our sessions, with specific curriculum links:

Activity:    Introduction of leader and group (each other) and Health and Safety brief/discussion

Experiences and Outcomes – Early:   HWB 0-05a, HWB 0-07a, HWB 0-10a, HWB 0-14a, HWB 0-16a, HWB 0-17a, HWB 0-44b, HWB 0-45b, LIT 0-02a, LIT 0-04a, LIT 0-10a and MNU 0-20c

Experiences and Outcomes – First:    HWB 1-03a, HWB 1-05a, HWB 1-07a, HWB 1-10a, HWB 1-14a, HWB 1-16a,  HWB 1-17a, LIT 1-02a, LIT 1-04a, LIT 1-07a,  LIT 1-24a and MNU 1-22a

Activity:    Den building (incorporating some knot tying)

Experiences and Outcomes – Early:  HWB 0-03a, MNU 0-20a, MNU 0-20b and MNU 0-20c

Experiences and Outcomes – First:    HWB 1-14a, HWB 1-19a, HWB 1-25a, LIT 1-02a, LIT 1-09a, MNU 1-11a, MNU 1-20a and MNU 1-22a

Activity:        The choice to keep a personal journal

Experiences and Outcomes – Early:        HWB 0-01a, LIT 0-01a/LIT 0-11a/LIT 0-20a, LIT 0-14a, LIT 0-12a/LIT 0-13a/LIT 0-21a, LIT 0-21b, LIT 0-26a and MNU 0-20a

Experiences and Outcomes – First:             HWB 1-19a, LIT 1-15a, LIT 1-20a, LIT 1-21a, LIT 1-22a, LIT 1-23a, LIT 1-24a, LIT 1-25a, LIT 1-26a, MNU 1-20a and MNU 1-20b