New outdoor nursery in Elgin now open Jan 2020!

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Just like our flagship nursery in Duffus, our Elgin nursery provides the opportunity for children to explore, play and learn in the rich and diverse outdoor environment of Cooper Park, in the care of passionate and experienced Early Years practitioners. We have as our base the community pavilion in the centre of the park and from here we will spend the majority of our days outside, returning only for lunch on occasion.

The majority of the time we will be out exploring all that Cooer Park has to offer in terms of wildlife, nature and adventure! Our tipi in tow, we have instant shelter when required.

However, as we all know, there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing! So we can help to provide that for children attending our Elgin setting, including a waterproof puddle suit that makes our children easily identifiable.

Funded Session Times

1140 hours – Year-round for 46 weeks of the year

Up to 25 hours per week

SESSION          TIMES                      SESSION LENGTH

All day                09.30 – 14.30        5 hours, Monday – Friday Fully funded, including lunch and snack fees

Opening Hours
All day 09:00 – 15:00  6 hours, Monday – Friday  £3 per half-hour add-on (09:00-09:30 and 14:30-15:00) to extend your funded day
To add an early drop-off or later pick-up and extend your child’s day to better fit around your working hours or other needs you can pay privately at £3 per add-on session as above. This is payable at the start of term for the whole of that term plus the ‘holiday’ periods during that term and before the start of the next. You can also add full days with us if you have used up all of your funded allocation in another setting over fewer, longer days. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

You can use your allocation of funded nursery sessions in more than one nursery, as per the Government’s guidelines for promoting the availability of flexible childcare.

Earthtime’s aim is to provide a place of welcome for all families at our outdoor nursery. A safe environment where children can play and learn through an understanding and connection with nature, all the while encouraging the child’s adventurous spirit. At our nursery children will be cherished and nurtured so that they can develop the self-belief and confidence that will enable them to reach their potential in whichever direction they wish their lives to go.

Contact Zoe at for details.

Places available now or register for August 2020 and beyond