Come and say hello to the people behind Earthtime for All.

Team Members

These are the people who keep things running smoothly, manage the whole operation and market our events.

Laura Russell
Laura Russell, Co-Founder


Deborah Co-Founder of Earthtime

Deborah, Co-Founder


Natalie, Project Leader, Waddle Toddle

Earthtime has a fantastic group of volunteers who support us in many ways; at our Toddler Adventures and Waddle Toddle Groups, helping with advertising and promotion, preparation for activities and at our larger events and school outings.  We would not be able to offer such a wide range of activities without their enthusiasm and support – they are all STARS! If you would like to become one of our volunteers please get in touch.



Gabriella, Volunteer

JoelJoel, Volunteer


Alain, Volunteer

Earthtime (2 of 7)

Megan, Volunteer


Christa, Volunteer


Lynn, Volunteer


Ed, Volunteer


Norma, Volunteer

We provide training e.g. child protection, first aid and nature awareness, for all our volunteers.  We are always looking for people to help with a range of activities from the regular ones to the bigger events.  Please get in touch if you would like further information.

Board Members

Our board members help us steer the charity in a sustainable, exciting direction.  Help promote what we do and take advantage of all the opportunities available to us.  They may have specific experiences which aid in the day to day operations and for this, their time and support e are very grateful!  Our board members attend quarterly meetings and quite often help out at larger events – they all like getting involved in our activities and having fun!

Ewen Menzies
Suzanne Duncan
Ed Dunbar